Gallotti & Radice :: Air Series

. 3.22.2010

I've got a bit of thing for glass tables; our dining table is glass, my office desk is glass, the side table in our living room is glass... you get the idea.  I just love the look of transparent objects in the home, especially in a smaller home like ours.  That's why I nearly blew a gasket when I saw this series of glass desks from Italian company Gallotti & Radice.

The Air Series consists of a table and a desk, though there are many other glass objects from this company.  Made from 12mm thick tempered glass, they're also available with a painted glass top, and anodized aluminum, stainless steel, or embossed white or black lacquered metal parts.

How do you guys feel about glass furniture/accessories?  Love it?  Hate it?  Share your thoughts!

See more at www.gallottiradice.it.

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