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. 3.19.2010

Another round of LINKY DINKS to send you off into the merry weekend!  Enjoy!

The best thing I saw all week: stop motion Evil Dead...in 60 seconds. [Drawn!]

What's better than combining your love of dogs with your love of typography? Nothing. [swissmiss]

The 'rural modern' trend is taking off and with furniture like this, what's not to like? [2modern]

Leggy ladies, a crocodile, and a nauseous floating boy? Illustrations by Philip Giordano. [Meathaus]

The weirdest thing I saw all week: chandelier made of 14,000 tampons. Yes, tampons. [Freshome]

There you have it, kids.  Loads of good stuff.  Speaking of good stuff, do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?  Brady and I are hitting up our local screening of the Red Riding trilogy, which should prove to be epic and awesome.  We're also getting together with our graphic novel book club geeks to discuss The Arrival by Shaun Tan.  Good stuff, indeed.  Well, whatever you do, have a great weekend!  See you in the future.

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