Grey may be the new Black,

. 5.02.2008

but Grey + Yellow is like Black sprinkled with crack. Remember five years ago when it was all about Lime? and then Chartreuse? Well, it seems the powers that be have been slowly grooming the masses in preparation for today's current colors. You may have noticed this color trend popping up last Spring and if you didnt, well, you can't ignore it now. Grey and Yellow is everywhere, so embrace it. (I'm still stuck on Chartreuse, *gasp*, so I understand if you have to give it a little more time.) If you're ready to take on a Grey and Yellow life, here are some great Etsy finds to help you along your way.

1. Yellow Rings Note Set by SilhouetteBlue
2. Alfred Shaheen Dress by HouseOfVintage
3. FIG. 03 Earrings by FIGURE
4. Budgie Screenprint by alyoisiusspyker
5. Urban Sunshine Blossom Felt Brooch by SoleilGirl
6. Let's Go Camping by AshleyG
7. Kids Dress by TinyModernist
8. Floppy Disk Notepad by GeekGear
9. Spring Yellow Flower Tote by CharmDesign
10. Lemony Notebook by seealso
11. Shall We Dance by MissAvacado
12. Plans and Diagrams 9 print by TriciaMcKellar
13. Rubics Cube by Robert Comire
14. Safari Invitations by TaraHogan
15. Industrial Felt - Golden Buck coaster set by Joshua Stone
16. Plastic Fantastic Chair by modernfront
17. Hello May by AshleyG
18. Butterfly Beehives and Beards by jikits
19. Halma Blank Note Cards by TwoTrickPony
20. Porcelain Pitcher by ShoshonaSnow
21. First Berries Brooch by glasfaden
22. Chair Yellow/Chartreuse by Midcenturyjo
23. Sunlight Flower Tote by CharmDesign
24. Silkscreen Elephant Lap Tee by TurtlePapers
25. Thanks For Being So Dear by TaraHogan
26. Girl With Deer in Forest by YellowMonday
27. Fishes 2 - Art Print by qpucel
28. Organica by MaryAnnWakeley
29. Little Butterfly by YellowCanoe
30. Little Dunces Print Set by theblackapple
31. hoop.dee.do Bulletin Board by littleprettystudio
32. The Last One by askey
33. Yellow Flower Letterpress coaster set by 12fifteen
34. Yellow Petal Earrings by yukorange
35. Whirlaway Thank You Notes by TwoTrickPony
36. Boston Terrier Card by beauideal
37. Stick It To Me Linen Pin Board by ideal
38. POD necklace by moxiedesigns
39. Save The Bees Necklace by Brookadelphia
40. Yellow Grey Black Original Abstract Painting by ArtStudio

5 Remarks:

.caroline armelle. said...

i'm lovin' the grey and yellow lately too! i had to stop myself from buying another yellow shirt the other day because my closet is staring to look like the surface of the sun..

glasfaden said...

This color combo is like the sunshine breaks through the gray clouds - one of the moments, which I love :) And chartreuse.. I like it since I once saw a butterfly in this color just coming out of it's white cocoon - amazing! Lovely collection! I'm honored you've included my brooch. Thank you!

Gabrielle Germaine said...

ummm so I am maybe wearing gray and yellow right now. This very moment! It just makes me happy

Amy said...

What a beautiful collection you've gathered together, Capree! I do love grey and yellow...And now you have me thinking about chartreuse...maybe mixed with a dark, rich burgundy. hmmmm...Can you tell I love playing with color?! :) Thank you for including my flower brooch!

Capree said...

Oo! Chartreuse and burgundy.. I think that would be beautiful. My wedding colors were a dark burgundy with a sort of chartreuse-y green and ivory. I wish I had more photos of the flowers - white and green dendrobium and cymbidium orchids, with and without red/burgundy lips. Ah! Gorgeous.

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