Hair today, gone tomorrow!

. 6.26.2008

Nyuk, Nyuk

Got my hairs chopped off yesterday by the marvelously talented Hillary Gillespie! (Check her out at the Haven Salon in Provo.) I'm bringing back my old school 'do. Enough of that "bob" thing I had before - this is the return of Lil Sprite! It's been a long time since I've had the faux, and I'd like to think I'm rockin' it hardcore this time around.

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Kate said...

Looks fantastic, you going to go red again?

The SLC Bruderers said...

stop being such a hottie fashionista already! holy cow! my camera wants to get all over you.

MegRuth said...

love it!

Capree said...

Britta - Please don't molest me with your camera.


Seriously though, we should make this a good excuse to get together, camera or not. I've still never seen a) your house or b) BEN!

Kate - no red this time, just.. "dark". :)

phoenixman said...

looks real good...gives you an aggressive "i can do anything, so get out of my way" look...which is great!

ArtisticAYA said...

cute cut.

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