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. 9.29.2008

In early August, we were on a serious hunt to find the perfect chair for our living room. We thought about the Dempsey chair from CB2 or the Karlstad from IKEA. The Dempsey was cool looking, if not a little unfriendly with it's sharp metal arms.. and after seeing the Karlstad in person we were totally grossed out by the texture, so these two were nixed from our list of options. Feeling a little disappointed at the time, we hopped into Copenhagen West for some inspiration and spotted the "Madrid" chair, a Barcelona replica. We oggled it for a while, took turns sitting in it, caressed the white Italian leather, and ceremoniously walked around it multiple times, taking in its full 360° glory. We decided not to make any 'commitments' that day and took a few weeks to think about it. Over Labor Day weekend we stopped in to Copenhagen West again to see if our little Italian mistress was still hanging around. Sure enough, the leather beauty was there in the window, calling us with its siren song. We went in, sat on it once, and bought it.

Here's the glorious chair now in its permanent home:

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Leigh said...

Absolutely love it!! I have been wanting one of those forever. Congrats.

Capree said...

Thanks! It is such a beautiful chair - and really comfortable too! I love the look - it could go in pretty much any home.

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