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. 12.04.2008

If you subscribe to Dwell's online newsletter, you may have heard of their AWESOME HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY. If not, let me tell you about their AWESOME HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY. Sorry for shouting, but this giveaway is just awesome - almost too awesome. So awesome in fact, that I have used the word awesome far too many times than is allowed in normal conversation.

So here it is - each day from December 3rd through December 25th, Dwell is giving away one new modern product to some lucky person. Hopefully that lucky person is you (or me) or someone you met once in an elevator that might remember you and decide to give their prize to you as a gift because you were so, that's right, awesome. To enter, go HERE. Each day is a new chance to win something AWESOME, like this chair, valued at $729:

or this table, valued at $235:

So don't wait, go enter now! Maybe it'll be your lucky day.

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