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. 1.06.2009

I just love these bird vases from Etsy seller Pretty Random Objects - the simplicity of form just does it for me!

Pretty Random Objects is a lovely little shop combining the work of three sisters and their mother. From their bio:

My family and I live in the SF Bay Area, spread out in the East Bay and on the peninsula. My mom is originally from the tiny, very lovely island of Okinawa. We (the daughters) were fortunate to have spent a small amount of time living in Okinawa when we were really young, and have gone back to visit several times over the years. My sisters and I love all things Japanese, and our work shows the influence. We especially love cute things!

This shop is run mostly by sister Joanna Mendicino, the artist/ceramicist behind those endearing little bird vases. About herself and her work, she writes:

I started making pottery in 1996, when I took my first ceramics class taught by Richard Akers at Contra Costa College. From there I went on to U.C. Berkeley, and continued to take a few ceramic courses taught by Richard Shaw, and assistant Sue Whitmore. I received my B.A. in Art from U.C. Berkeley in the winter of 1998. In 2002, I decided that it was time to take the plunge and work on my pottery full time.

I like to think of my work as “crafty modern” – I make simple, clean forms, with a very handmade touch to it. On most of my work I will make cutouts into the vessel, my signature design element. I will also carve into the piece using a pencil, or knife tool. The images I work with are often things that I have been drawn to since I was young: like pebbles, cobblestone pathways, and animals. I am also fascinated with taking that image and paring it down to the simplest form possible.

Lucky for you, Pretty Random Objects is having their once-yearly sale from now until January 15th! So hurry over to their shop and pick up some lovely objects for yourself or a friend!

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