Dallas Shaw

. 1.05.2009

If you've got a thing for skeleton keys and wallpaper, then allow me to introduce you to the work of Dallas Shaw. This talented young artist has just released a fabulous new collection in collaboration with Given Campbell Wallpapers, featuring her original acrylic paintings. These pieces are playful and stylish - I love her bold use of color! I can imagine so many great spaces for this collection! Which one is your favorite? Is there a perfect spot in your home?

From her bio:

Dallas creates artwork for the young, stylish art enthusiast. Her fresh style has been largely influenced by the fashion and music industries where her masterful use of color results in fun, modern artwork that is ideal for sleek spaces.
Check out more of her work at www.dallasshaw.com. Also, be sure to stop by her awesome blog for loads of art, design, and fashion inspiration! If you're interested in purchasing an original Dallas Shaw piece, click here for a list of online retailers.

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Karen said...

Hooray for Dallas!!! I love her work!!!

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