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. 1.05.2009

Nothing gets me going more than a slideshow, especially a slideshow of sexy, modern kitchens! Brady and I have been staring down the barrel of an inevitable kitchen remodel for a while now, so finding kitchen inspiration has become something of a hobby. And as for inspiration, well this Best of Dwell: Kitchens Slideshow has plenty of it. Here are a few that I wish I could claim as my own:

Garage Band / June 06 / Read original article

Four Houses and a Future / March 07 / Read original article

Boston Translation / June 08 / Read original article

Obviously, I am really digging the idea of an all-white kitchen, though I would definitely throw some splashes of color in there for fun and the sake of sanity.

Has anyone done a modern kitchen remodel of their own recently? Do you have any advice?

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Koekkener said...

Its a very nice and great article there's a lot of beautiful kitchens shown in here. Thank you for sharing. Keep up the good work.

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