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. 2.13.2009

Like I said before, I'm a sucker for "what's your style" type quizzes and I just found this new one via This Young House. In 30 seconds, Sproost promises to pin point your personal home design style. Well, they certainly delivered in my case: 54% Contemporary, 38% Vintage Modern, and 8% Hollywood Couture. Pretty fantastic and a good waste of 30 seconds!

Try it out for yourself and tell me your results!

P.S. After you take the quiz, you can check out rooms that fit your style. Here's the one for mine:I pretty much like everything except for the Bond Coffee Table in the upper left - gross.

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LilithEvy said...

Funny test to do!!! Thank you to share it with us! I'm a 39% contemporary, 30% Rustic Revival and 31% Cottage Chic :o)

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