Council - Mute Chair

. 2.13.2009

I realize I gave collaborative design group Council a bit of a hard one in the previous post. To make up for it, I'm singing their praises over this chair. It's beautifully designed and looks ergonomic enough to give birth in. I'll take it!

The Mute chair is designed to inspire serenity and calm. The simple, uninterrupted lines flow gently around the fully upholstered seat; the simple base is made of powder-coated steel. Seats, upholstered in 100% wool fabric, come in Charcoal, White, Blue and Red.

Mute Chair designed by
Mike and Maaike for Council.

2 Remarks:

Darrah said...

Oooo... I want one! It looks so chic, and modern. My room would have to be painted though. Too much white reminds me of a hospital!

Capree said...

Darrah - hold onto your paint! This chair also comes in charcoal, red, and the most intense cobalt blue!

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