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. 9.25.2009


Enjoy this week's random assortment of links! See you Monday!

Giveaway Alert: Win one of those awesome log bowls you've seen on every design blog over the last six months! [Design For Mankind]

Apparently there is an entire community of tunnel dwellers living under Las Vegas. Odd. [The Sun - via Megan]

Are you a friend of type?? Then this new blog's for you (and me)! [Grain Edit]

The most thorough and epic guide to San Fran's Mid-Century Modern stores and shops EVER. [Atomic Indy]

Miranda July channels Cindy Sherman: poses as extras from famous movies. [VICE]

Awesome sketches of people on the train by David Choe. [Wooster Collective]

Check out these inspiring before-and-after upholstery projects - one man's junk is another man's treasure! [Design Sponge]

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