Faucet / Sink Update

. 9.25.2009

SOOoooo.... Remember that bathroom remodel I've been talking about for 5 months? Right. Well, we FINALLY decided on a faucet, which was, surprisingly, not one of the many I'd posted about before. The lucky winner?

The Parma Trim Line Widespread Lavatory Faucet from Danze in a bright, shiny chrome finish:

Pretty, right? I thought so. It also goes with the rad toilet paper holder (Yep, I'm officially an adult now: I think toilet paper holders are rad.) we got from Blomus. On top of that, we finally, finally, FINALLY ordered our sink today, which was the only thing we were pretty certain about from the beginning, besides the wallpaper.

Now our next task is to find a lighting fixture, which will hopefully not be as epic as finding a faucet. Meaning, I'd like to write my next bathroom update in, oh, a few weeks, not another 5 months!

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