. 9.28.2009


Image: Today's Accomplishment by Ingrid

Just a quick post to say hello! Hope you all had a great weekend! I'm in the middle of painting an accent wall, so I'll keep this short. Remember that wallpaper I've been obsessed with for the last two years? We finally decided to just paint a similar pattern instead of throwing down major bones for wallpaper. I think it will turn out great once it's all done. I'll be sure to post some pics when it's finished.

Aaaaaaaand, back to painting!

[Regular posting tomorrow!]

2 Remarks:

MegRuth said...

That's what I'm thinking of doing as well!

I was so glad for that tutorial I found about stenciling! You better share some step by steps of your own!

Brady said...

The black wall looks great! Can't wait to see what you do with the branches. Love you!

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