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. 3.17.2010

I have a mild obsession with modern bird houses, I'm not going to lie.  While I love a lot of what's out there, these houses from NeatNests are something truly unique.  Made almost entirely from scrap material, these modern avian shelters are flat packed, environmentally responsible, and just plain cool.  Their easy assembly is a plus, too!  Check out the little demo video below to see what I mean.  For more info and to see all the designs, go to neatnests.net.

Video after the jump!

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MegRuth said...

I love these, wich my HOA allowed bird houses... Just hummingbird feeders, not bird feeders or houses...

Capree said...

Really?? That sucks! We can have stuff like this, as long as it doesn't go above the "sight line", i.e. above the fence. Because you know how big an eyesore a bird house is, right? Oh, HOAs.

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