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. 3.08.2010

One of the things I like about Spring, besides the lack of snow, are all the new collections that come out, like happy little tulips of the design world.  Cheesiness aside, this time of year is exciting.  As you know, I'm mildly obsessed with Danish company Ferm Living.

Their new 2010 collection is super-fresh and inspiring, as always.  There is a certain charm and cleverness to their designs that I find irresistible!  The Monroe pattern is definitely my favorite new design and I love it in all its incarnations!  Looks like I've found some new tea towels to drool over, too!

While I'm sort of over the whole wall decal trend, I can't help but smile at the sewing kit stickers!  Very playful!  And I certainly do not need any more pillows, but really.  Look how awesome these are!

They've also introduced an entire kid's line, complete with wallpaper, stickers, pillows, and toys.   If you're looking for some fun accessories for the kid's room, you won't want to miss this collection!

Be sure to check out the whole line of Ferm Living products here.

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